How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1989 BMW 535I

The BMW 5 series is a mid-size car manufactured by BMW, and the 1989 BMW 535i belongs to the third generation in this series. It is a 4-door sedan with a 6-cylinder 3.4-liter engine that uses fuel injection. This requires an electric fuel pump to maintain the fuel system under high pressure. The fuel pump in a 1989 BMW 535I is on top of the fuel pump tank and is accessible from the rear trunk.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Hose, Gasoline container, Tool 16 1 020

Fuel Pump Replacement Instructions

Drain the fuel tank if it contains a high level of fuel. Place one and of a hose into the field tank and the other end into a container approved for gasoline. Siphon the fuel from the field tank into the container.

Remove the panels in the trunk. Loosen the mounting screws for the access cover in the right front corner of the trunk with a socket wrench and remove the access cover. Disconnect the fuel lines and electrical connector for the fuel pump.

Attach tool 16 1 020 to a socket wrench and use this assembly to turn the mounting ring on the fuel pump assembly counterclockwise. Remove the mounting ring from the fuel pump assembly. Detach the fuel pump assembly from the fuel tank. Depress the mounting hooks to remove the fuel pump from the rest of the fuel pump assembly.

Disconnect the fuel lines and electrical connectors from the fuel pump. Remove the mounting screws for the fuel check valve and pressure damper with a socket wrench. Pull the fuel pump from its holder. Remove the mounting screw from the fuel filter, and detach the fuel filter from the fuel pump. Discard the O-ring for the fuel pump.

Place a new O-ring on the new fuel pump and install the fuel pump by reversing steps two through four. Tighten the mounting ring on the fuel pump assembly to between 27 and 31 foot-pounds with tool 16 1 020. Check for leaks in the fuel system and refill the fuel tank.

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