1988 Chevrolet Sprint Front Wheel Bearing Repair Instructions

The front wheel bearings in your 1988 Sprint make up a large part of how the steering functions in the vehicle. If these components become worn, you must look to replace them before taking the vehicle out on the road. One possible indication that the bearings will need replacing will be if you hear a grinding noise coming from the front of the car. Replacement bearings can be picked up from your local auto store.

Tools Used: Car jack, Wooden mallet, Jack stand, Replacement bearings, Wrench set, Screwdriver set

Repair Front Wheel Bearing

Apply the handbrake on the vehicle and raise it off the ground using the car jack. For added support place the jack stands underneath the vehicle next to the car jack.

Use a wrench to remove the lug nuts from the front tire. Lift the tire off the axle and place it in safe area for reattachment later.

Remove the mounting bolts on the brake caliper. Disconnect the electrical connectors on the caliper and remove it from the vehicle.

Loosen the safety bolts on the hub to remove it from the vehicle. If the hub won't move when you try to pull it out, use a wooden mallet to carefully hit it out of place. Remove the bearings from the car.

Place the bearings on a flat surface. If they do not move smoothly or have groove in them, you should discard and replace them. Insert the new bearings in the same place from which you removed the old ones. Use the old bearings to gently tap the new ones in place.

Reattach the brake and wheel assembly following the removal steps in reverse. Repeat the process on the far front wheel. Once completed, take the vehicle to a secluded area to test that the steering now works correctly.

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