How to Change the Turn Signals on a 1988 Dodge Dynasty

Turn signals are necessary for the proper operation of any car, including the 1988 Chrysler Dynasty. Front and rear turn signals allow you to signal your intention to turn to drivers in front of and behind you. This is both a courtesy to fellow drivers and a preventive measure against accidents. If your turn signals aren't functioning properly, immediate replacement is required. Older cars such as the '88 Dynasty allow easy access to both the front and rear bulb panels.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, Thick gloves (optional), Damp rag, Chrysler replacement bulb(s), Assistant

Change the Turn Signals

Changing the Front Signal Bulb

Remove the mounting screws that secure the signal light cover using a Phillips screwdriver. Set the cover and screws aside.

Unscrew the dead bulb from its socket. If the bulb is broken, use a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands from glass shards.

Clean any rust or corrosion from the socket using a damp rag.

Screw the replacement bulb into the socket. Make sure it is compatible with the 1988 Chrysler Dynasty. Have an assistant operate the front turn signal to ensure proper installation.

Replace the signal light cover. Repeat the above steps for the other turn signal if necessary.

Changing the Rear Signal Bulb

Open the trunk of the car, and locate the interior panel of the tail light requiring replacement.

Remove the screws that secure the interior panel, and set them aside. Gently pull the panel away from the trunk's interior so you can access the bulb and socket.

Unscrew the old bulb, using thick gloves if it is broken.

Clean any rust and corrosion from the socket with a damp rag. Screw the replacement bulb into place.

Screw the interior panel back into place, and have an assistant test the turn signals. Repeat the above steps for the other turn signal if required.

Tips & Warnings

Replacement bulbs for the 1988 Chrysler Dynasty can be found at Chrysler retailers, auto body shops, and various online retailers.

Do not attempt to change your signal bulbs with the car running. Doing so presents an electrical hazard.

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