How to Install a Rear Speaker on a 1988 Honda Civic

Many Honda Civic enthusiasts are not satisfied with factory speakers of the vehicle. There is no easy way of removing the factory speakers and installing new ones in a 1988 Honda Civic, and you may have to alter the interior trim of the car; however, if you are determined to replace the speakers yourself, make sure you carefully understand the instructions

Tools Used: 10mm socket, 14 mm socket, 12 mm socket, Phillips screwdriver

Install a Rear Speaker

Fold down the rear seats of your 1988 Honda Civic and take them out to get to the part where you are to install the speakers. Now pull the carpet trim from the rear and the clips will automatically pop out.

Remove the bolts holding the 40-split seat in place. There are four bolts of 10 mm. Also, unbolt the two bolts that are holding the 60-split seat in place. Unscrew the 12mm bolt on the left and 10mm bolt on the right. Keep these bolts along with the brackets in a safe place. When you are done unscrewing these bolts, both the seats can easily be taken out.

Unfasten the right hand 14mm bolt closest to the front seats of the car. Note that the panels unclip from the frame of the door and come out without any difficulty. The plastic cover on the rear deck will unclip so you can lift other clips.

Unscrew and unclip the factory speakers of the car using a Philips screwdriver. Lift these speakers out of the rear deck and keep them away from your car. Mount your new speakers in the speaker adapters using the hardware that came with the speaker packaging. You have to place the replacement speakers just the way the old ones had been placed. Before reassembling the car, make sure the speakers are correctly placed.

Slide the deck back into its place. Bolt the original factory Phillips-head screws into the deck to secure it in pace.

Reassemble the car by reversing the instructions above.

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