How to Remove the Calipers on a 1987 Ford F-250

The brake caliper on the 1987 Ford F-250 can occasionally become damaged or wear out, requiring that it be removed and replaced. The brake caliper is responsible for clamping the brake pads over the rotor when the brake pedal is activated, causing the vehicle to stop. If the caliper is damaged, it can prevent the truck from stopping. The 1987 F-250 has clips on the side of the caliper to hold the part on the rotor. You can remove the caliper in about an hour, saving you time and money.

Tools Used: Wood block, Lug wrench, Floor jack, Jack stand, Open-end wrench, Socket wrench set, Screwdriver

Remove the Calipers

Park the Ford F-250 truck on a level surface and turn off the ignition. Set the parking brake and place a wood block behind one of the rear tires.

Loosen the lug nuts of the tire you are going to remove one full turn with a lug wrench. Raise the vehicle up with a floor jack and slide a jack stand under the axle, near the tire.

Lower the vehicle onto the jack stand and move the floor jack out of the way. Remove the tire from the vehicle, using the lug wrench to remove the lug nuts and set the tire out aside.

Disconnect the brake line from the brake caliper with an open-end wrench and set the brake line upright so it does not leak any fluid. Unfasten the brake caliper from the rotor, using a socket wrench to loosen the bolts on the caliper until you can slide them out by hand.

Unhook the caliper from the rotor carefully, using a screwdriver to pry the caliper off the rotor, and take the brake pads off the caliper by hand. Remove the rotor from the 1987 Ford F-250 and set it to the side.

Tips & Warnings

Never attempt to remove the 1987 F-250 brake caliper without setting the emergency brake to prevent the truck from rolling.

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