How to Replace a Fuel Pump on a 1989 GMC Sierra 1500

Changing the fuel pump in a GMC truck can be cost effective and rewarding. The first reward is the satisfaction of a job well done. Working on your own car can produce a sense of accomplishment. The second reward is the cost savings. Today's repair shops often charge high prices to perform this type of service. Many people can change the fuel pump in a GMC truck if they are mechanically inclined.

Tools Used: Various sockets and wrench, Screw drivers, Adjustable wrench, Jack stands, Floor jack, Rags, Nitrile gloves

Replace a Fuel Pump

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery to disable the electrical system.

Remove the gas cap to relieve the pressure in the tank.

Siphon the remaining fuel from the tank.

Undo the fill pipe from the gas fill.

Jack up the rear of the truck and place on jack stands.

Remove the strap bolts from the tank straps to lower the tank.

Undo the fuel lines that run to the front of the truck.

Remove the fuel pump from the fuel tank using various tools.

Take the faulty fuel pump to the auto parts store of your choice to match up the old with the new.

Install the new pump and reverse the process mentioned above.

Tips & Warnings

Use nitrile gloves to protect your skin from contact with gasoline. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Gasoline is very flammable. Take precautions to avoid a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of fire.

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