How T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet Service Test Drive Works

Internet users who switch to T-Mobile as their home internet service provider will have fifteen days to cancel the plan for a full refund.

T-Mobile has introduced a 'Test Drive' of its 5G home internet offering that allow users to try out a plan for 15 days, and receive a full refund if they are unsatisfied. The telecommunications company has made headlines for its rollout of 5G networks in North America. While cellular connectivity might not be the fastest in the region when compared with other options from AT&T and Verizon, the network is expansive. Over 2oo million people are now included in T-Mobile's 'Ultra Capacity' 5G network, which is the largest in the United States. The company has since expanded into home and business internet services, and now there's a new way to try it out.

After years of preparations for a home internet service, T-Mobile Home Internet became fully available the public in April 2021. The company tested home internet services with potential customers as far back as March 2019, and has positioned the connection towards people in rural areas. Internet service providers in these locations typically rely on digital subscriber line (DSL) connections that provide internet access through broadband coaxial cables. Satellite networking is available in select areas, but can be few and far between. As such, T-Mobile Home Internet is eying a fast and consumer-friendly solution to connectivity in remote areas.

T-Mobile Home Internet is powered by the company's cellular towers, which can provide significantly faster speeds than the hardwire services it is competing with. The starting price is $60 per month, and there is no data cap on the amount of service that can be used each billing cycle. T-Mobile states that its Home Internet will offer an average speed of 100 megabytes per second, but that value can fluctuate, especially since it is subject to cellular data constraints. Regardless, it has the potential to offer faster speeds than DSL connections currently available in rural areas. With the company's new 'Test Drive' option, users can see for themselves whether the network will provide a better experience than their current internet service provider.

T-Mobile Offers 15-Day Test Drive

Customers can sign up for the T-Mobile Home Internet plan and try out the service for 15 days. It's not exactly a free trial — potential users must completely sign up for the internet plan, and agree to pay the monthly rate of $60 per month (which includes taxes and fees). However, T-Mobile is offering a one-time refund to customers who cancel the T-Mobile Home Internet plan within the first 15 days, making the test drive a low-risk endeavor. Since the internet service is through the company's cellular networks, there's no need to rewire a home or install a satellite for the connection. Potential users can test the network right alongside their existing internet service, and compare the difference in user experience.

The T-Mobile Home Internet is cheaper with autopay, so enabling automatic payments will shave $10 off of the total monthly rate. At $50 or $60 per month, the Home Internet plan could be a good fit for customers who are stuck paying exorbitant prices for mediocre service, especially in remote areas. With the test drive, it's easy to see whether there will actually be a noticeable improvement in speed before cancelling another internet plan. Although it's not quite as worry-free as other free trials, which won't charge the user until after the trial period ends, T-Mobile might just be making it easy enough for users to try a cellular internet connection.

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