How to Install a Scosche Amp Wiring Kit

Vehicle owners who wish to boost the signal strength of their car's factory stereo system or add an aftermarket powered subwoofer will first need to connect an amplifier wiring kit. The amp wiring kit establishes an independent power source for an aftermarket amplifier or powered subwoofer. The kit will also connect the signal and turn-on lead cables via patch cables from the head unit to the amplifier. You can have a professional car audio technician install your Scosche amplifier wiring kit, or you can save time and money by doing it yourself.

Step 1 - Lift your car's hood and use an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolts that secure each of the battery cables to the battery terminals. Remove the cables from the battery terminals.

Step 2 - Place the ring terminal from the Scosche wiring kit on the positive (+) battery cable terminal and replace the positive battery cable clamp on the terminal post. Tighten the bolt on the positive battery cable clamp with the wrench.

Step 3 - Plug the blue power supply cable into ring terminal. Remove the fuse from the fuse holder on the ring terminal. Feed the power supply cable through the firewall and into the passenger cabin of the vehicle. Use an opening already established in the firewall for passage into the cabin. Openings are commonly located on the driver's side of the engine compartment and feed into the driver-side foot-well.

Step 4 - Remove your factory stereo from its mounting dock. Consult a vehicle repair manual for instructions specific to your vehicle. Disconnect the stereo wiring connectors from the rear panel of the unit.

Step 5 - Plug the stereo wiring connectors into the wiring harness adapter leads. Plug the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the outlets on the back of your factory stereo. Plug the Scosche patch cable connectors into the available wiring harness adapter leads. Consult the wiring harness adapter manual or follow the color-coded lead connectors for connection locations.

Feed the patch cables through the back of the stereo mounting dock and down to the floor of the vehicle. The blue power cable should follow a separate path to the amplifier to avoid interfering with the stereo signal. Replace the factory stereo in its mounting dock.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Adjustable wrench, Scosche amplifier wiring kit, Wiring harness adapter, Vehicle repair manual

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