How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From a Windshield

Cigarette smoke quickly builds up inside a vehicle, leaving a hazy film on the interior side of the windshield. This haze is not only unattractive; it also reduces visibility through the windshield, which affects driving safety. Some glass cleaners won't cut through this haze very efficiently. Fortunately, you can make your own glass cleaner inexpensively at home. This cleaner will easily cut through the smoke film, making your windshield sparkle again.

STEP 1 - Fill a clean spray bottle halfway full of water.

STEP 2 - Fill up the spray bottle the rest of the way with white distilled vinegar.

STEP 3 - Shake the bottle gently to mix the water and vinegar together.

STEP 4 - Spray the interior side of the windshield with the vinegar and water solution.

STEP 5 - Scrape and wipe the windshield with a clean squeegee.

STEP 6 - Spray the interior windshield with the solution again.

STEP 7 - Wipe the windshield clean with soft towels.

TIPS: Use the rest of the solution on the exterior windshield, if you choose, or save it for the next time you need it. Clean your windshield with this mixture at least once a week to prevent further buildup. This solution is good for windows in your home as well. It can also remove water spots on glass. If your car reeks of cigarette smoke, you can also spray this mixture on the headliner, cloth upholstery and carpeting to freshen the car. It will smell of vinegar for a few hours, but that scent will dissipate, leaving the car smelling fresh.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Clean spray bottle, White vinegar, Water, Squeegee, Soft towels

WARNINGS: Use the squeegee and soft cloths or towels to wipe the windshield; abrasive sponges may leave tiny scratches.

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