How to Remove a Ford Ranger Grille

One of the most popular auto customizations is aftermarket grille replacement. The Ford Ranger has a simple grille design that makes removing the old grille and installing a new one very easy even for non-professionals. Learn how to quickly and safely remove the grille on your Ford Ranger, whether it is damaged or you are looking to upgrade to an aftermarket grille.

STEP 1 - Park your Ranger on level ground and pop the hood.

STEP 2 - Remove the two screws from the plastic cover on top of the grille. Remove the two screws on each side that connect the grille to each headlight assembly.

STEP 3 - Remove the other two screws connected the sides of the grille to the headlight assembly. These screws are accessed from in front of the grille.

STEP 4 - Carefully push the grille inward to disengage the remaining clips attaching the grille, then lift the grill up to remove.

TIPS: These instructions will also apply to the Mazda B-Series truck (1994 and newer).

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Phillips Head Screwdriver

WARNINGS: These instructions apply to 1994 and newer Ford Rangers. The clips are attached to the grille rather than its mount; be careful not to break them if you plan on reusing the grille.

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