How to Replace the PCV on a 2001 Dodge RAM

The Ram is a full-sized pickup designed and manufactured by the Chrysler Group under the Dodge name brand. The 2001 Dodge Ram is equipped with a positive crankcase ventilation valve, referred to as the PCV valve. The PCV valve is attached to the valve cover and works to remove gases from within the engine crankcase. The valve is vital to the proper operation of your Ram, as it reduces pressure on the engine. The PCV valve should be replaced immediately at the first sign of failure to prevent damage to the engine or its components.

STEP 1 - Park the Dodge Ram on a level surface. Turn the engine off and allow the truck to cool for a half hour.

STEP 2 - Open the hood of the Ram and locate the PCV valve on the passenger side. The valve is on the top right side of the valve cover. It sits in a rubber grommet and has a small vacuum hose coming out of it.

STEP 3 - Remove the PCV valve from the valve cover. Grasp the PCV using a pair of pliers (needle-nose pliers work best but any pair will do). Pull the valve out of the rubber grommet, being careful not to damage the grommet.

STEP 4 - Disconnect the vacuum hose from the PCV. The hose plugs into place; pull the hose out of the PCV and place to the side. The hose will be needed for the replacement valve.

STEP 5 - Insert the replacement PCV into the rubber grommet. The PCV will have a tight fit. Push the valve securely into place using your fingers until you hear a clicking noise. The valve is now in place. Plug the vacuum hose into the top of the PCV. The valve is now installed. Close the hood of the Dodge Ram.


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